Our Creative Team

Meet our dynamic & enthusiast team members, We are young professionals who likes to break stereo types of industry, Here to make difference by our creative storm of work.

Darshan Yagnik


Darshan is a Master's Degree holder, is passionate about art & design since childhood & the founder of TheDivineTech. From starting of his career, he wanted to learn the basics of business by taking on any role and excel in it so even after getting many offers from MNCs, he choose to work in a Startup. He performed at various levels and built a solid value base culture, it helped Co. to grow rapidly from 8 to 200 in number and get the company to MNC level enterprise. Holding positions like Customer support specialist, Head of customer support to Ops. Manager of Creative Division makes him well aware of each stakeholder of Co., Be it Business Development, Financial Management, HR, Marketing & more.

It opens totally new horizons for him to serve the bigger purpose of life & he started TheDivineTech in 2018 with the vision of creating quality designs, giving the best experience to customers by breaking stereotypes and outdated design trends. In no time he built a team of titans and skyrocketed the company's growth. His strong belief in karma and letting good fortune come to you naturally makes him an empathetic leader.




Mehul is part of the Development industry since 2013 & worked on more than 100 projects. With his top-notch performance, he joins #TheDivineTech as Senior Developer in the Web Development Department and after achieving groundbreaking development work he is promoted to Project Manager. He actively creates beautiful and stunning websites using technologies like Core PHP, WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter etc. Mehul individually worked on 100+ high value projects with delightful customer experience in the last 1 year, which makes us stronger on the Balance sheet!




Amit is a very professional and intelligent designer and developer. No matter which technologies or business concepts given to him, he proved himself by providing the best solution of problems. Amit is always willing to work on the latest tools, and technologies such as Figma, HTMl5, CSS3, Material design, React, Laravel, WordPress etc.. and save the time of the client by suggesting the best solution and innovative ideas.


Dushyant Idhatia

Sr. Graphics Designer

Dushyant serves as Divine's senior graphic designer & brand creator. Working with experience of more than 10+ years, Dushyant brought the count of happy customers to the next level & increase the trust value of the company. His imagination & creative mind always build a design which everyone loves to make his own brand identity! He is a pro in all types of work whether you want logo designs, brand guidelines & anything which is part of brand identity. He can effectively work on any adobe product.


Jignesh Sabhaya

Sr. Graphics Designer

Jignesh is a gem of our team & having more than 10 years of experience in Graphic designs and created 1k+ Digital & Print designs which covers, Flyer, Brochure, eBook, Brand Guidelines, logo design, social media covers etc . He has a futuristic vision for every project & always strive for excellence. He is a team player & always ready to help any colleagues. He is master of Photoshop & learning new stuff like Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro.


Sanjay Kumar

Sr. Graphics Designer

He is a very talented & imaginative graphics designer! He has a very strong grip on illustrator, Mascot and lineart monoline designs. He works within lighting speed & still manages to create absolutely unique concepts which blow away customers' minds. He is an enthusiast designer with 7+ years of rich experience in graphics & serves as Divine's top graphic designer for the last 3 successful years. SK also learning video editing, animation and 3D artwork too!


Milan Ravaliya

Graphics Designer

Milan is one of the Senior members of our graphic designing team. He is very work-oriented as well as a go-to person whenever its needed. He is working as a senior graphics designer from more than 8+ years and has sound knowledge to understand the customer's mindset & serve them till satisfaction. He is a master at Photoshop & other adobe products.


Jeet Dedakiya

Graphics Designer

Jeet is one of our talented Graphic designer & who specialized in Minimal logo designs. He has an innovative approach to designs & concepts and has the ability to self-manage individual projects! He is also expertise to design brand guidelines. He's a self-driven and goal-oriented individual who is focused on achieving results. jeet also learning website designing & UI UX designs!


Aniket Mandavkar

Graphics Designer

Aniket is a quick learner in our team with a very innovative & fresh mindset for each project. He always believes in that he is blessed with the power of creativity & Being creative since childhood. His strength is always building something new, be it art or crafts or designs. His expertise in creating hand sketches, logo designs, Feminine style & stationery materials! 


umit zalavadiya

Graphics Designer

Umit is the youngest member of our team. He is part of graphics designing from the last 3 years & obtained a rich skillset in a very short period of time. He Entertains everyone with his humorous nature but at the same time very focused on his work. Ambitious to learning new things every day with a wide vision for a bright future. We are seeing him as a rising star!


Parth Kacha

Graphics Designer

Parth is One of the leading Photoshop artists in our Team. He has a deep connection with his work and obtained 5+ years of experience in designing all types of Branding and Advertising materials for social media sites & digital marketing! He is a bit introverted in nature but always spread his wings of thoughts in designing ultra-modern & digital concepts. He has good photography skill too!


keyur parmar

Graphics Designer

One of the stylish members of our team! Started his journey in the Graphics designing as a mockup artist and working now as a creative graphic designer from the last 3+ years. He is committed towards learning new things, speedy in his work and always stays available for any additional responsibilities.


Keval Kaneriya

Quality Assurance Analyst

KK is the first member who joins the troop of Divine technologies. He begins his career as a freelance graphic designer in 2014. He learned to design by himself and created unique branding designs for almost 1k+ clients around the globe. His vision was always to help a strat up to grow faster and perform any given responsibilities, That's how he joins our team as a Quality Assurance Analyst for the last 3+ years now. He standardizes the working process & uniqueness of design concepts according to customers' needs and makes sure that designs meet the quality standards of the company.


Vivek Makadiya

SR. Business Development Executive

Vivek knows how to do business since he teenager & started selling different gaming & viral vids services online at the age of 18!. His professional journey is a perfect example of how to beat the time!. He starts as a customer support executive and now leading a team in Business communication and sales with Harvijay. With his ability to identify rising business opportunities, and solid R&D skills he plays an integral role in bringing profit-making customer leads for the business. Personally, he is very tech-savvy & well aware new technologies easily.


Harvijaysinh Rayjada

SR. Business Development Executive

Harvijay is part of the Graphic Design industry since 2015 & performed as a Customer relationship Executive for 4 years. With his top notch performance, he joins #TheDivineTech as junior executive in the Business Development dept. and after achieving groundbreaking sales records he is promoted to Senior Business Development Executive. He actively derives profit-making leads for business growth. Harvijay individually operated 150+ high value projects with delightful customer experience in the 1 last year, which makes us stronger on Balance sheet!


NEHA Patel

Business Development Executive

She is a woman with strong will & business intelligence & thats why she is in our Business Development team. She conducts market research to identify new opportunities and engages with senior teammates to establish strategies for pursuing profitable market leads. Neha handled almost 100+ Projects in the last business year with top most customer satisfaction. With her 3+ years of experience, she developed an amazing skill set of doing things accurately in time and give extended customer support for a high client retention rate.


Devang Dave

Business Development Executive

Devang is a Business development executive with two years of experience behind the back with an excellent lead-to-sale ratio. He always tries to make sure that no one goes without buying something from us :). His core area of expertise is analyzing data and preparing a leak-proof business plan. On a personal front, he is full of life, enthusiasm and full of energy. He is also learning SEO & Digital marketing.