3 Elements Your Social Media Post Must Have

3 Elements Your Social Media Post Must Have

Social media posts have become one of the most integral parts of brands. And, when we say social media posts, we do not mean the basic ones here; we are talking about graphically advanced and highly engaging posts that hold enough potential to connect with their audience effectively. Graphical elements for business profiles come up with brand recognition, consistency and the ability to connect with potential customers shortly. Well-crafted social media posts can make a customer-focused impact that can help your business go a long way.

Amongst all the marketing tools you use for your brand today, social media posts have the maximum potential to connect with your customers. Because most people are online, they use social media to connect with the digital world. It serves your brand the best opportunity to connect with your audience worldwide. 

Because of its high engagement rate, social media designs have excellent potential for your brand. It can connect with your potential customers through graphical elements, informative content, visually-pleasing image, and aesthetically-pleasing colors. So, if you have not taken your brand’s social media posts seriously, you are missing out on a huge thing. 

Maintaining your brand’s social profiles with a relevant and pleasing feed will help you have more followers leading to increased customer engagement and sales rate. To make this happen, you must consider getting in touch with the best Instagram post design companies and consulting them for trending social media posts. Professionals will help you decide on post elements that can help you develop an effective and trending social media post. So, hiring experts is the best solution.

You can represent a lot about your business through good social media posts. You will have a lot to represent, from introducing your new brand products and services to showcasing positive client testimonials. You will need to talk to your potential graphic designer and compile all the essential elements needed to develop social media images, like a professional Facebook cover design. But how do you know which elements will help you create visually pleasing social media posts? If you are looking for the same, look no more because here we have compiled all the essential elements needed to elevate your brand’s social media posts. But before we start with the elements, let's understand the importance of social media designs.

What is the importance of social media posts?

Designing aesthetically pleasing social media posts is essential for your business because it will help you elevate your brand's purpose. Good social media posts with creative and trending graphical elements and informative content can help you increase brand awareness. It will increase your company's brand awareness by enabling potential customers to like and share your posts with their friends and families with similar interests. 

A training social media post will also increase your brand's credibility. Suppose you remain consistent with regular posting, and your potential customers find your content relevant to your brand and value for their daily life. In that case, they will surely share it leading to higher brand engagement.

Now that you have gone through the importance take a look at the elements you must include in your social images, like professional Facebook cover design.

1. Graphical Elements

The first significant element of an excellent social media photo is its graphical elements. If you make sure to come up with trending and brand-relevant graphical elements, your posts will definitely stand out. To make this happen, you must assess the skills of your graphic designer. You can discuss your desired elements with your designer and confirm whether or not they will suit your brand and fit well in your feed. 

From selecting the right layout to typography, you must consider finalizing these factors to ensure the inclusion of the best graphical elements. 

2. Color Palette

Color palette is the second essential element that you must focus on. Choosing the right color palette will help you connect with your potential audience more. Also, you must think about only including your brand’s theme colors. For instance, if Pepsi, which has blue, red, white, and red as its primary brand colors, start using green, violet, and orange, its customers will not reconize and eventually, the brand will lose some percentage of its existing and potential customers. So, if you don’t want this to happen to your business, ensure you incorporate your brand’s theme colors.

You can play with similar colours if you don’t want to make your feed monotonous, but you must consider consulting this with your graphic design team. Suppose you own an ice cream brand that has pastel colors, you may use other pastel colors that blend well with other posts in your feed. 

Here’s an example of an Instagram feed of the brand LAIL (Instagram ID - @Lail.design) with consistent brand posts that looks stunning and visually interesting -

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Someone interested in lifestyle blogs would love to follow this brand’s Instagram profile because of its consistency in maintaining theme colors. And the same goes for your business too. If you maintain your brand colors, you will indeed have more followers and increased engagement in the form of more likes, comments, and shares.

3. Content 

Content is another crucial aspect that you must take into account. Imagine if you have good graphical elements and brand theme colors, but your content isn’t good and unrelevant, your post will not make it. So, to ensure making your post rank, you must think about using valuable content for your audience. 

You can engage your potential audience through content types like -

  • Testimonials
  • Did you know?
  • Brand-relevant quotes
  • Trending Memes
  • Product and service information
  • FAQ
  • Discounts announcements
  • Giveaways
  • Business aims
  • Vission
  • Mission
  • Reminder
  • Client conversation

You can curate these content types around your company’s values and details. Switching between these every day will keep your potential audience engaged. If these posts pop in the for you page of your customers and they like it, they will likely follow your brand. So, content is crucial to your brand’s social media profile because that is what your audience will focus on.

Wrapping Up,

Brands have been using posts for their advantages for a long time now. If you aren’t following this formula and not using your business’s social media posts as a marketing tool, don’t delay and get started with it today!

To make your business stand high amongst the competitors, you must consider hiring professionals who will help you design impactful posts. At The Divine Tech, our experts have years of experience in developing trending posts. So, get in touch with us and let us help you upscale your brand’s social profiles in no time