5 Creative Instagram Post Design Ideas to Stand Out in a Crowded Feed

5 Creative Instagram Post Design Ideas to Stand Out in a Crowded Feed

Social media platforms have become one of the most famous online platforms that people have been using for years now. It is very popular among people because it not only has the entertainment factor but it also exposes its audience to every kind of trending and latest information that they need for their daily life. But because over one billion people are there on this social media platform, it is no secret that it has become a crowded space with millions of posts being shared every day. According to digital marketers, it means that social media platforms have increasingly become challenging for brands to stand out from the crowd and grab potential customers' attention in one go. But that doesn't mean it is impossible to stand out in this crowd of millions of posts being shared every day. The top way today is to build attractive and creative post designs that will set your brand apart from the others.

Today's blog posts will take you through the post design ideas that you can build with your insta post design company collaboratively and elevate your brand awareness through amazing designs.

1. Bold Typography 

Bold typography has been entering for quite a few years now, and it is still considered by graphic design experts in 2023. Utilizing bold typography is an amazing way to catch your potential customer's attention and make them visit your brand's social media profile. You can ask your graphic design team to use eye-catching and bold fonts to build your brand message, just like they use to make a catchy Facebook cover design service. The bold typography can help your post content appear in a highlighting manner that will surely drag your potential customer's attention and make them hit the like and follow button. 

2. Incorporate Illustrations

The second creative design idea to help you make your brand stand high amongst all its existing competitors on social media is to use trending illustrations in the posts. Famous graphic designers argue that illustrations are a great way to add personality to social media post designs. So, if graphic designers argue this factor, you know why we consider it to be an essential element that can help you make your social media posts get more likes, shares, and comments. 

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If you think about using illustrations customized to your brand aspect, you will surely be able to make your brand stand out in the crowd and develop a higher engagement rate with your potential customers. Customizing your brand's social media posts with illustrations will help you develop the scope of reflecting your brand's personality and perspective through the same. But remember, to make this happen, you must have the right team of graphic designers to help you develop your social media feed with excellent and eye-catching illustration-infused posts. 

3. Experiment Using Colors

The third important point that you must note is to experiment with the colors of your social media posts. If you want to rise high among all your existing competing brands, it's time you get out of your comfort zone and experiments with colors that are different from the colors you usually use for your social media post design. You can never stick to one type of similar color scheme and expect your social media page to always have the same engaging level. There will be a time when your potential and existing customers will get bored of your posts and will make the decision to unfollow your brand's social media profile. Do you want that to happen? If you just said no, you must consider taking the call of talking to your graphic design team and coming up with posts that have a different color palette.

Utilizing any color scheme will not work. For instance, if your brand has been using pastel colors, you can use other muted or neutral colors to spruce up your brand's social media feed. There is no need to incorporate vibrant and bright colors that will distract your existing customers and affect your brand image. Additionally, incorporating vibrant colors out of the blue will make your feed look forceful, making your brand lose its identity and followers. So, when you consider playing with colors on your social media feed, think about utilizing colors that stand the brand's relevance.

4. Make Infographics

The fourth essential point that will help you develop your brand as a famous one is using infographics in your brand’s social media posts. Digital marketing experts have noticed brands with infographic social media posts growing tremendously. If you want to be one of these brands, don't miss all the opportunities of utilizing it for your brand's benefit and higher customer engagement.

It is one of the best ways to present complex information about your products and services in an esthetically pleasing way. Whether you have to talk to your audience about your company's mission, vision, goal, or any upcoming offer and discount you have to offer, choosing infographics is the best way to make it happen effectively. You can consider infographic posts as a source through which you can communicate with your potential and existing customers and pass on to them the essential details about your brand and its products and services.

There are many famous brands that have been using infographics to introduce their new products and services to their potential customers. So, if famous brands utilize infographics to launch their products and services, you understand their importance. 

5. Include Motion

It is a competitively new design idea to elevate your brand's social media profile. The graphic designers of famous businesses consider the motion card to be an effective technique that can instantly help a brand develop higher customer engagement. It is a great way that will help your brand's social media profile appear as the best one in your field. So, if you want your brand's social media profile to connect with your potential customers and make them hit the follow button, consider utilizing motions to create short videos or using animated GIFs to grab their attention.

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To conclude, building creative and esthetically pleasing social media post design is crucial for your brand to stand out in a crowded feed. If you want your brand to reach all the heights of better business days, you must consider utilizing the tips that we have mentioned above.  Following the expert tips will not only help you modify your brand's social media profile but will also help you increase your customer engagement rate and develop your brand's personality, giving it a better image. 

If you are wondering how to bring these tips into reality, connect with our experts at The Divine Tech, as we have years of experience in helping brands build their identities right from scratch. So, wait anymore, and get in touch with us to help you stand out soon